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Nirav Tolia

During a few months in 1997, MSNBC aired a computer show called The Site hosted by Soledad O'Brien. In that show, resource speakers from Internet companies such as Yahoo! recommended viewers about good Web sites or taught them how to use a particularly useful site on the Web.

Nirav Tolia was one such speaker. In his fifteen minutes of fame (and still counting) he was one of the regular guys from Yahoo! Soledad would interview every week. I believe Nirav was one of The Site's more recognizable guests, and I for one looked forward to his recommendations. In my opinion he could very well host his own show if he wanted to -- Nirav looking nowhere like a geek and yet commands the infallible authority of one. Unfortunately, MSNBC canceled The Site and Nirav has been scarce on TV over the years.

In my quest to create a Nirav Shrine, here are links that I have gathered on the Web with references to and appearances of Nirav Tolia. I got his picture through his sister's Web page, but that page isn't up anymore (too bad). This list was derived by typing in "Nirav Tolia" in most of the Internet search engines including Yahoo!, which surprisingly no longer carries a link to "Tolia, Nirav" in its directory -- they do have a search result from their search engine however.

Updates to the Original Text:

Quick Update: Nirav has recently struck big time media mileage thanks to his startup Internet company called He has been featured as one of Silicon Valley's most eligible bachelors (ooooh), and has appeared in several Internet and print magazine features. Check out his cool picture in the August 2000 issue of Ziff Davis Smart Business. Most search engines will now bring you to a myriad of press releases (and other such pages) when you type "Nirav Tolia".

Latest Update: All the links don't work (including the "Men of Silicon Valley"). The crash and burn of the dot-coms have burned all the Nirav links on this page. I feel so sad. We all started with such optimism... Nirav can still be found at: where he is CEO and trying his darn best to make that Web site work. Somebody out there is still rooting for you Nirav!

Latest Update: Nirav Tolia now works for Benchmark Capital

Nirav Tolia's Web Appearances:

(The Links that once were...)

News To Use: Lifestyles
This page contains a link to a page where Nirav lists Chritmas web sites. Unfortunately, that page doesn't exist anymore.

Simulcast 8/17/97
Simulcast 2/22/98
Simulcast 5/3/98
Transcripts of live simulcasts where Nirav's Free Stuff on the Web is mentioned by the speakers.

ESPN SportsZone: Stoney Case chat
Nirav asks a question to quarterback Stoney Case.

Yahoo! Canada - Entertainment:Cool Links:Surfers' Picks:Nirav
Nirav's picks for Yahoo!

Welcome to Round Zero
Round Zero is a company that Nirav founded.

Silicon Valley salon networks, socializes (12/13/1998)
Article about Nirav Tolia's company Round Zero.

The Site/Yahoo! Site o' the Nite
A pick from Nirav from the old the Site.

The Spotlight - Tech Basics: Sending Pictures (12/05/97)
The Spotlight - Tech Basics: Sending Resumes Online (1/23/98)
The Spotlight - Tech Basics: Opening Pics (5/8/98)
The Spotlight - Tech Basics: Personalized Service (4/17/98)
The Spotlight - Tech Basics: Maps (3/27/98)
RealMedia clips where Nirav teaches stuff about the Internet. (Really great stuff!)

Then again, there is always Google.

More Nirav Pictures



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